Voice Lessons in Bingham Farms Michigan

Voice Lessons

What will voice lessons do for me?

  • If you like to sing, private voice lessons will help you learn how to breathe to support your voice and be completely natural as you  sing. 
  • The technique that you will learn is the foundation you need to sing any kind of music that you like from Bach and Mozart to Folk Music, Pop, Country and Musical Theater Broadway style. 
  • You will learn a variety of songs and build a repertoire of music that you can sing with artistry that can be used to audition for show choirs, chorales, or musical theater productions.
  • As your voice develops you will learn how to use your entire body as an instrument to sing,  and be expressive as you perform in a way that makes an emotional connection with the audience,
  • You will learn how to understand the story that the music tells, and the emotions that flow out of that, and how to perform in a way that lets the audience share those feelings and emotions with you.

Voice Training

What's  Involved?

  • Relaxation-being completely natural as you sing. Being yourself
  • Engaging your entire body to sing - using all of the muscles in chest to breathe
  • Articulation-pronouncing all of the consonants and vowels correctly 
  • Tone- placing the voice to make a beautiful sound
  • Resonance-learning how to let your voice resonate naturally
  • Vibrato-learn how to control it and use it.
  • Pitch-training your ear to hear the pitch and sing it
  • Movement-using movement to engage the muscles that support your voice
  • Storytelling-learning how to connect with the audience
  • Listening-study the performances of good singers to learn more about technique and phrasing

Every lesson is individually structured to help you build the strengths of your voice, make progress and achieve your goals. The amount of time placed on each part of the lesson varies from student to student .

Voice Training Tuition

What is the cost?

Voice lessons for all ages, and vocal coaching for professional performing artists in Bingham Farms, Michigan. https://MusicTeachersDirectory.org/USA/MI-Music-Private-Teachers-Michigan-Music-Private-Lessons  

A 30-minute lesson is $20 per session.

A 45-minute  lesson is $30 per session.

A 60-minute  lesson:  $40 per session.

There is no charge for first 30-minute introductory lesson offered for new students that gives you a chance to learn more about voice training for beginners. If you want to continue you can make arrangements for regular lessons at that time.

SAVE 20% when you pay in advance for four 30-minute voice lessons.


Save 20% when you pay in advance for four 30-minute lessons

Voice Lessons for Children age 8 to 13

Voice Lessons for Children age 8 to 13

Young children like to sing and many have beautiful natural voices, but the training for a young voice is not like voice training for an adult. Great care must be taken to avoid straining the voice of a young child. 

Voice lessons for young children focus on developing musicianship, and musicality. Your child will learn how to use good technique to sing music that is age-appropriate and within the range of a young voice.  Young singers who want to audition for school musicals or dramatic production learn how to be more natural and believable on stage.  

There is no charge and no obligation for the first FREE consultation that gives us a chance to get to know each other and evaluate your child's readiness to start lessons. If your child is ready we can begin lessons that will be fun and effective. You will see them begin to grow in self-confidence and hear some improvement in their technique  after the first lesson.

Music Lessons  https://MusicTeachersDirectory.org  

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