Vocal Coach for Speakers & Actors

Strengthen Your Voice and Speaking Presence

If you are preparing for an upcoming meeting  but feel nervous when you get up to speak, or want to improve your speaking skills in business meetings and other public forums, a few sessions with a vocal coach can help you build a stronger speaking voice and speaking presence. You will learn how to take deep natural breaths to support your voice, overcome nervousness, feel natural and at ease, and how to pace a speech or presentation to maintain interest. 


Vocal Coaching for the Speaking Voice benefits:

  • Men and women in leadership positions in business
  • Leaders of community groups that frequently speak in public forums 
  • Sales team leaders and members of sales teams that work one-on-one with clients
  • Motivational speakers that make public presentations
  • Teachers and Lecturers
  • Actors and Drama Students preparing for an audition
  • Speakers of English as a second language

The training focuses on developing a stronger voice, a confident speaking presence and the ability to feel more  at ease when speaking in public forums and in one-on-one situations.


VOCAL COACHING FOR SPEAKERS   focuses on building a strong speaking presence and learning how to be completely natural. and feel self-confident and at ease when you speak to  others.  

VOCAL COACHING  & AUDITION PREPARATION FOR ACTORS focuses on developing a monologue for an audition or a role in a production that helps you be completely natural, authentic and believable. 

Appointments are scheduled for 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions - generally once a week. The time spent on each part of the session varies from student to student to address the specific strengths and weaknesses of your voice. The exercises are fun to do and the training is very effective. You will begin to make measurable progress during the first session.


  • 30 minute coaching session: $20 per session.
  • 45 minute coaching sesson:  $30 per session.
  • 60 minute coaching session: $40 per session.

There is no charge for the initial half-hour appointment that offers you sn opportunity to learn more and ask any questions you may have. If you want to continue you can book one or more sessions to help you prepare for an upcoming speech or audition, or a series  of recurring sessions that will help you learn how to be completely natural and feel more at ease when you speak to othes one-on-one, in meetings or in public forums. when you make a sales call , or to  prepare an audition monologue.

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