Reviews from Voice Students

A great start with an awesome teacher who is truly passionate with music and teaching.  Maxeene  11/10/18

She works on getting you to be good. Very good.  ~ Azzeaz  S.  7/30/18

Extremely perceptive, sophisticated and talented teacher. Great with people and very respectful. ~ Akshaya 7/13/18

Helen is patient and kind. I am so happy to have found her. ~ Jennifer  6/30/18

Helen is a kind, caring and patient instructor. She works very well with children. ~ Marge 5/28/18

 Miss Helen is the best! She's patient, kind and very encouraging! My daughter has gained so much confidence since starting her lessons with Miss Helen!  ~ Shelly M.

My 11 year old started vocal lessons 4 weeks ago and she absolutely loves it. It started out as just learning to sing for an audition, but she is learning more than she could imagine and really enjoys singing. Helen is so patient with her and does a fantastic job in teaching. I cannot say enough good things about her.  ~ Amy  O'

Classical Voice: Extremely perceptive, sophisticated and talented teacher. Great with people and very respectful. ~ Akshaya  S.

Very warm. Very helpful Speaking Voice Coach. ~ Millie  K.

Helen Bacher taught me for the past year and a half. She was a not only a very good teacher but also very patient. She used several different methods to help me learn if I did not understand the first way. I learned how to do exercises to make sure I enunciated properly and could sing without using too much breath. She always encouraged me when I felt like I had not done as well as I wanted to do. Using these techniques, I learned something every lesson. I highly recommend Helen Bacher as a voice teacher for anyone who wants to learn how to sing. She is the one that you are looking for. ~ Patricia D.

Helen Bacher is a very engaging teacher. She used positive teaching methods to help me learn how to sing using good technique and overcome my shyness. The exercises that she gave me to practice at home helped me learn how to support my voice and increase my range. She has a gift for bringing out the best in a singers natural talent. ~ Lynn L.

Helen is an excellent instructor with exceptional people skills. Her ability to teach singing and performing techniques in a simple, positive, straight forward way makes her effective and easy to work with. Her ability to demonstrate good singing technique, teach, play the piano and transpose the music to a different key that is better for your voice is an amazing combination of talent and skills. I enjoyed the lessons and learned something new every time.  ~ Lauren P.

A Review from a Colleague

Helen Bacher is an excellent instructor.  Her ability to assess your needs and develop a plan to strengthen and enhance a vocal presentation is exceptional. I have worked with Helen and found her to be engaging and supportive. She has a gift for helping students develop their talents and abilities.  ~ Susan C.