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Voice Lessons in Bingham Farms MI

Voice Lessons

You don't need to have any previous experience or training to learn how to sing. You can develop your voice and learn how to sing any kind of music that you like, from Bach to Pop, Country or Broadway as you develop the sound of your voice and your unique individuality as a singer. You will learn how to use good technique to sing any genre of music that you like. 

Voice lessons focus on learning how to breathe deeply and engage your entire body to sing as you learn music in many different styles. Breathing exercises will help you build good breath control and engage your entire body to support your voice when you sing.  A series of progressive vocal exercises help you learn how to make a beautiful sound, and develop he ability to sing with expression and ease when you perform.  The exercises are fun and very effective.  You will hear the improvement in your voice after your first lesson.

Voice Lesson Sessions

Voice lessons are offered in sessions  of 30, 45 or 60 minutes ~ generally once a week. More advanced students often take two or more lessons a week. Every lesson has several parts including warm ups, vocal exercises, ear training, and repertoire development. You learn how to take a deep natural breath to provide support for your voice and do vocal exercises that help you  make a full beautiful resonant sound. The amount of time devoted to each part of the lesson varies from student to student to help you make progress.  There is no charge for the initial 30-minute session that gives you an opportunity to learn more about voice training and ask any questions that you may have.  If you want to continue you can make appointments for a regular lessons at that time.  

Performance Training

If you want to learn how to sing, or dream of having a career in music, performance training  help you learn  how to move on stage and be completely natural and authentic as you perform. You learn how to engage your entire body to sing and project a strong presence on stage and perform in a way that captures an audience. Singers build a repertoire of music in any genre that you like from Bach to Folk Music, Popular Music and Broadway Style Musical Theater that can be used for auditions and to perform for others including developing a song or a monologue that can be used to audition. The focus is on learning how to be natural and comfortable when you perform.  


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